One big event that took place last year may have left us all injured.

What did we do before Google? Seriously. Can you imagine someone running to grab their Encyclopedia to answer questions like "Which movie is the top at the box office this weekend?" or "Which Kardashian is pregnant?" Life moves way too fast for that and the latest set of leather-bound books just can't keep up.

Aside from this instant wealth of knowledge, we can also collect data from those searches.

At the end of the year, Google released a list of which topics were typed into their search engine the most in each state. The results were published by the Daily Dot. Americans Googled everything from new phones and popular movies to man buns and giant penguins. In Arkansas, we were more concerned about our eyes during the eclipse.

"Eye Damage from Solar Eclipses" was the number one search in Arkansas in 2017.

Of course the total solar eclipse was a big event that took place in August of 2017. People all across the country threw on their solar glasses to take in the moon crossing in front of the sun. However, in Arkansas I'm worried that not everyone used their protective glasses. Or maybe many were worried that they had used incorrect glasses and were experiencing issues. Either way, we're kind of sensitive about our eye balls.

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