Don't worry Ark-La-Tex, you won't have to travel far, or at all!

Hey. What are you doing next Friday? You know, March 17? Wearing green, drinking beer the same color, pinching those who don't... Ok, too far. Next Friday is St. Patrick's Day. We've been training all Mardi Gras season for this.

You may think you need to travel to Boston, or even Ireland, for the best St. Patty's Day party, but you don't. Based on Google Trends, Louisiana is one of the best states to celebrate the Luck of the Irish in. It's all based on interest, a.k.a. number of searches on the popular search engine involving the holiday within the last seven days.

I only expect these searches to increase over the next week.

The top 10 states interested (and therefore the best to celebrate) in St. Patrick's Day are:

1. Illinois

2. Rhode Island

3. Connecticut

4. Louisiana

5. New Jersey

6. Delaware

7. Pennsylvania

8. Colorado

9. Missouri

10. Massachusetts

So what are people looking for? The usual suspects: parades, shirts, pub crawls, shamrocks and "Irish people." Not sure that last one is PC.


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