Texarkana police have made an arrest in a murder considered a cold case from 2018.

The cold case was about the 2018 murder of John Neal. Detective Thomas Shaddix has been working on the case in his spare time for close to a year. Then he found evidence that pointed to 28-year-old Darren King.


According to the TTPD's Facebook page,

On March 28, 2018, John Neal's body was found inside a car sitting on the side of the road in the 4200 block of Findley Street. He had been shot several times and then the car set on fire in an apparent attempt to destroy any physical evidence. His family had reported him missing the day before after he'd left to go meet someone and never returned.

There was little information at the murder scene at the time of the crime, but with a fresh perspective on the case, Detective Shaddix was able to figure the whole thing out.

Liudmila Chernetska
Liudmila Chernetska

 When Thomas finally found that one important missing piece of the puzzle, the whole picture came into focus and made sense.

Darren King is now at the Bi-State Jail with a $1 million bond.

TTPD sent out a thank you to Detective Shaddix saying,

Thank you, Thomas, for your diligence and hard work to bring John Neal's murderer to justice and be able to give his family some closure. You did a great job!


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