We all know that alligators are native to this part of the country but that doesn't mean we want them in our yards or roaming around town. The Texarkana Texas Police were a bit shocked to receive a call about a gator in the St. Michael Drive area the other day.

The Texarkana Texas Police posted on their Facebook page they received a call about an alligator on a property on St. Michael Drive.

They stated they were having a difficult time as the alligator didn't want to cooperate with their plans to trap it with the help of a Game Warden.

TTPD, Facebook
TTPD, Facebook

Fortunately, they were able to capture it and the Game Warden relocated it. They stated it was relocated far from town. Let's just hope it is really, really far from town like in Florida.

They posted,


At one point, Officer Dewey Fleming discovered just how fast he could move when the alligator suddenly expressed his displeasure and lunged at him. 😁
Thankfully, we were able to eventually corral it with the help of a game warden, who loaded it up and relocated it to a more suitable location far, far, far away from town.
Hopefully, it’ll be a while before we have another alligator call. Lol

TTPD, Facebook
TTPD, Facebook

This one looks like a young gator so the big question is ... where's the mother?

We see signs about alligators in Bringle Lake and I've heard of a few sightings of alligators at Wright Patman Lake. Around this area most lakes and rivers have alligators. They are in a lot of Arkansas and Texas lakes...Let's just pray they don't overpopulate any time soon.

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