Texarkana's Largest Indoor Garage Sale returns to the Four States Fari Grounds Arena on November 3, 2018. It may seem a bit early to talk about it now, but if you want the best booth space, it's never too early to check out the layout and reserve your space.

I know what you're thinking, summer just started! You and I both know how quickly it ends, next we're talking back to school and football season, Labor Day, then suddenly it's Halloween and Texarkana's Largest Indoor Garage Sale is just three days after that.

So, make plans now to be in Texarkana’s Largest Indoor Garage Sale on Saturday, November 3rd before everything gets in the way and you forget.

Below we have linked up the vendor application form for you to download, fill out and bring to the radio station along with your check or cash to secure the location you would like to have. The floor plan is shown below as well, you can also download and print out the booth space layout and bring it with you to confirm the location you want.

The sooner you get your form and monies in, the sooner you can get the booth space you want, then you just have to get your stuff ready.

The only change this year is that we are only accepting checks or cash. We are looking forward to seeing you at Texarkana's Largest Indoor Garage Sale.

Garage sale layout

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