I admit it! My guilt pleasure is watching The Bachelorette. This season is turning out to be a must see!

First, there is a guy who is wearing a mask so Ashley, the bachelorette, can see the "real" him. Then there is Bentley who Ashley learned (from a friend) before filming that he's there for the wrong reasons and to watch out for him. Of course, as drama would have it, she's falling for him.

The drama doesn't stop there, now Wes' story about his wife dying a few years ago is a little more complicated. He failed to mention he was investigated in the death of his wife! He was cleared, but I see that as a red flag!

According to a lengthy police investigation, West was not responsible for his wife's death, but the story is more complicated than he presented Monday.

There were allegations of drug use by both West Lee and his wife and signs Sarah had mental health problems. Her mom, Dianna Sapp, was suspicious.

"Her mom voiced concern about the cause of death, but we looked into the case a second time," Lt. Matt Davis, from the Lexington, S.C., P.D., said.

"There was no physical evidence on scene that suggested Sarah Young's death was a homicide by The Bachelorette contestant Adam West Lee."

"We had the coroner's report. She had alcohol and marijuana in her system at the time of her death, but we're not sure if she purposely killed herself."

According to the report, Sarah's death was caused by accidental fresh water drowning. West, too, admitted he was under the influence when Sarah died.

West said Sarah had been "very depressed" around the time of her death.

After getting into a few minor car accidents in a short period of time, "everyone in the family was concerned about her safety, and [West] wanted her to perhaps go back to the doctor," the report reads.

And two weeks before she died, West caught his wife inhaling computer cleaning spray, though she promised not to ever do that again, saying that she "had an epiphany," according to the report.

Do you think the producers of this show are actively looking for these kind of people or is it just by "chance" that these guys ended up on the show?  I just can't believe that people sign up to find their "true love" knowing the producers are going to throw in some rats in along the way.

via West Lee, Bachelorette Hopeful, Investigated in First Wife's Death - The Hollywood Gossip.