The question "Should I touch up my online photos or not?" has just been answered. The answer may surprise you. The reasoning will surprise you even more.From a recent study, it looks like you should always touch-up those pics. Especially, if you're on a dating site. The research was done by the University of Connecticut. According to

University of Connecticut investigators found that men rated enhanced pictures of women as more attractive, but also less trustworthy. Part of the apprehension of males was that really great-looking women may not be as good looking as their picture showed - or that they were in other ways untrustworthy.

"Our research also found that males found the beautified profile as more attractive and had a higher desire to date the person in the picture despite the lower degree of trustworthiness they reported. This finding suggests that even when men suspect that a woman may not look exactly like she does in her profile picture, they are willing to take the risk and pursue a date with her," Rory McGloin of the University of Connecticut said.

Females, on the other hand, viewed the subjects of enhanced photos as both more attractive and more trustworthy than those seen in unaltered images.

Even stranger, it seems men expect women to re-touch their photos and not look as good as their photos in person. Do you re-touch your photos? I usually don't, maybe that's why I end up taking a billion photos before I like one.

If you do a little 'touch up' on your photos then tell us the apps you use the most for this in the comments below.




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