Texarkana, Texas Animal Services has been receiving a lot of reports of coyotes in our area, remember these animals are wild and can be very dangerous, so much so that they have issued the following warning and guidelines of how to handle coyote encounters.

  • Do NOT feed them.
  • Put all trash in trash containers with lids.
  • Do not let pets out unattended or at large.
  • Scare them off by yelling or throwing rocks or sticks near them.

According to the Press Release, coyotes are not domestic animals. However, they can be more domestic when people feed them. Currently, we are in breeding season for coyotes and they can become more aggressive during the reproductive season. Expect to see more coyotes born in the spring. Usually, coyotes aren’t aggressive unless threatened or sick, but they are a wild animal and should not be kept as pets.

The USDA – APHIS Mike Bodenchuk explained “There are a number of ways to deal with urban coyotes. Seeing them in the daytime isn’t unusual, but there may be someone feeding them and certainly pets outside may be at risk.”

You can identify coyotes by checking during a full moon. German Shepherds and Husky breeds resemble coyotes, but do not howl at the moon. Please note, it is illegal to shoot coyotes within the city limits, and all reports should be made to the Texarkana, Texas Animal Services Department.

For more information, contact the Animal Services Department at 903-798-3535.

City of Texarkana - Coyote Warning
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