It was the early 1970s when I remember hearing and reading about the legendary Fouke Monster (also known to some as southern Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Boggy Creek Monster).

You couldn't pick up the local newspaper or watch the TV news without hearing about the mythical creature that was accused of attacking a local family in the Fouke, Ark. area and was blamed for the destruction of livestock.

Most of the sightings seemed to occur in the Boggy Creek/Jonesville area of that region. Although reported sightings also occurred in the Texarkana area as well.

Some residents recall seeing the creature cross Highway 71 and for months many more sightings were reported.

Many reports had the creature being anywhere from 7'2" to 10'3" weighing 800 pounds and had a wet dog skunk-like odor.  There was a ton a rumors going around to just what it was, everything from a hoax to someone dressing up in an ape suit to an escaped monkey in a circus. To this day the mystery remains unsolved but the legend continues.

The hairy ape-like creature with red eyes spawned a Charles B. Pierce movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek" in 1972 which recounted the story and events that took place. The movie cast many local actors from the area and has become somewhat of a cult classic and folklore today. It eventually spawned more movies and books through the years preceding what happened in the early 1970s.

And now the story will be retold on The Discovery Channel's show Monsters and Mysteries in America in an episode called 'Ozarks' tonight at 8 p.m. CDT. The show is also expected to cover the Spooklight and the Pope Lick Monster.

Here's the trailer from tonight's episode.

So the next time your in the woods and you hear something creepy look behind you it could be the Fouke Monster.

Here's the opening scene from "The Legend of Boggy Creek".

Here's the whole movie if you want to watch.