What happens when one woman’s dreams unite with a decades old tradition? In Atlanta, Texas, a new brand of hardware store is born.

Since Roy Price opened his hardware store in 1946, Price True Value Hardware has supplied Atlanta with all kinds of items, from tools to tackle and many things in between.

“The store has always been needed,” says Cindy Price, who manages the store with her husband John, son of the original owner. “If folks can’t buy something new, they need to fix it.” That’s one of the reasons the store has remained successful and continued to grow since the beginning.

In recent years, however, one of the ways the store continues to remain relevant is that Cindy saw a need in her community that she thought she could fill. “I’ve always been a cook and I read cookbooks like novels,” she says. But when she looked around Atlanta, she realized there wasn’t a store that provided the home cook with the tools necessary for a modern kitchen.

Cookbooks at the Kitchenette

Then Cindy visited a store in Houston that fueled her imagination. “They had a kitchen section inside the store,” she says, and she wanted to build a similar section inside Price Hardware. When she told John about her idea, he didn’t grasp the concept initially. Then they revisited the Houston store and he had that ‘Aha!’ moment Cindy hoped he’d have.

By April 2006, The Kitchenette opened in the couple’s Atlanta store. The new kitchen section was only 990 square feet at first and carried items like rolling pins and bakeware.

Atlanta residents began visiting the store, making regular purchases and soon Cindy was able to expand her original space. Now the Kitchenette takes up 2,000 square feet, the inventory has been expanded and a demonstration area was installed so cooking classes could be given.

“Our new bridal registry has been a popular feature here,” Cindy says, obviously proud of her accomplishment, pleased that the Kitchenette is still growing. “As you can tell, we’re remodeling again.” Boxes and carts of merchandise are everywhere we look.

Bottles of various sauces and condiments line the shelves of the Kitchenette

Although some of Cindy’s current staff will eventually teach many of the culinary classes she plans to offer, including ones on topics like knife sharpening, she’s been inviting different cookbook authors to come to the store when they’re on tour.

Famed cookbook writer Martha Foose is one of the authors who has already come to the store. Foose penned Screen Doors and Sweet Tea and The Southerly Course. She was also the food stylist for the film The Help.

Later this year, PBS chef Christy Rost will visit the Kitchenette for a cooking demonstration and book signing.

“I just write cookbook authors and ask them to come,” Cindy says with a grin, “And they usually do.” Now Cindy hopes you’ll pop in next time you’re in Atlanta and check out the store she is so proud of. Her selection is impressive and she’s always happy to help you find the perfect tool.

Price Hardware is located at 302 N. William Street. Visit the store’s website or like them on Facebook. Like the Kitchenette on Facebook to get information about visiting authors and future demonstrations.

Price Hardware

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