Congratulations to these fine, hard-working representatives of Texarkana Arkansas' Police Department, Detective Shane Kirkland, and Domestic Violence Coordinator Jan Lishman, each of them won the Bull Dog Award.

This Release was posted on the TAPD Facebook Page this morning:

Yesterday, (1/20/21) the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department recognized two amazing employees who work in the Criminal Investigation Division, Domestic Violence Section. They were the recipients of the prestigious Bull Dog Award! This award was created several years ago for going beyond the call of duty in the Criminal Investigation Division.

The two recipients this year are Detective Shane Kirkland and Domestic Violence Coordinator Jan Lishman. Detective Kirkland and Mrs. Lishman do not only work in the same office but also team up to be advocates for the victims in this community, that find themselves in need of help.

Shane Kirkland - TAPD Bull Dog Award Winner 2021

Detective Shane Kirkland has been a certified law enforcement officer for 22 years. He has been employed with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department for 18 of those years. In his tenure here, Detective Kirkland has held many positions within the police department, making an impact in every division he was in. Due to his pro-activeness and his ability to be a well-rounded officer, he was selected to join the Special Operations Unit as a Crime Suppression Officer. Detective Kirkland worked hard during this time and strived to keep our community safe by suppressing the mischief in high crime areas. After working the streets for numerous years, he was ready to take on another challenge. He became a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Division, where he has taken on the role of a Domestic Violence Detective and a Persons Crime Detective. He is always willing to help in any area when other detectives need assistance and always gives a hundred percent to this job. Detective Kirkland has also served on our amazing Honor Guard and is a team leader on our S.W.A.T. Team. No matter what Detective Kirkland is asked to do in this agency, he gives it his all and excels at this.

Jan Lishman - TAPD Bull Dog Award Winner 2021

Mrs. Jan Lishman has been employed with our agency as the Domestic Violence Coordinator for 12 years. She has been known as the “Victim’s Voice.” She is not only a voice for the victim’s, but a helping hand for all the detectives, and gives reassurance and confidence in the job when it comes to caring for those who find themselves a victim in Domestic Violence. Mrs. Lishman is very valuable in our agency and we are so grateful and lucky to have her. We know she has made a great impact on so many members of the community. Additionally, Mrs. Lishman works closely with other agencies and courts, all while giving aid to whichever detective in the Criminal Investigation Division needs her help. She has worked hard to build relationships with the staff of various agencies that have become a huge resource. For many victims that may not be aware of what is available to them, this can make a huge difference. Her hard work and determination are part of what makes our agency run so smoothly.

Please take a moment out of your day and say THANK YOU and congratulations to Detective Shane Kirkland and Domestic Violence Coordinator Jan Lishman for the spectacular job they do for this agency and our community. Click to do that through the TAPD Facebook Page.

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