The U.S. twin birth rate is at a record high, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control. Out of every 1,000 deliveries, nearly 34, are twin births. That was up by 2 percent from 2012 and new national high as reported. Health officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) think the trend might be directly associated with the increased use of fertility treatments and the fact that women are waiting later in life to have a baby.

That high fertility rate seem to have leveled off in 2009 before spiking again in 2013. While twin births are on the rise, women having triplets has declined due to medical advances in fertility treatments that cause fewer embryos that are needed for impregnation.

The most interesting news is the fact that the teen birth rate showed a 10 percent overall drop, reaching a record low. Women having babies in their 20s also hit a record low, while the birth rate for women in their 30s and and late 40s has increased.

But I really wonder about twins. Do twins feel each other's pain? Do twins know what each other is thinking?

My co-worker and friend, Elizabeth Kirk, who has twins says, "absolutely they feel each other's pain, if one of the twins gets hurt the other feels it. They always finish each other's sentences and are both very assertive and aggressive."

Hmm, they sound like their mom!

As far as telling them apart Kirk says, "It's been seven and a half years and I still can't them apart, they are truly identical," she joked.

So I'm thinking, when they get to be teenagers and boys start beating down the door to date them, look out for double trouble! I won't tell you what Elizabeth said after that!