A huge meteor was seen early Friday morning January 20 in Northwest Arkansas, Oklahoma other states too. This thing is massive. 

According to New5online.com, the National Weather Service received numerous reports of seeing the meteor and it also showed up on the Geostationary Lightning Mapper.

Youtube, 5newsonline
Youtube, 5newsonline

The meteor was also seen in Mississippi and Kansas. Check out the video of this big meteor before it peters out.

It was captured on video by several people and even someone's Ring camera.

Youtube, 5newsonline
Youtube, 5newsonline

Have you ever seen a meteor as big as this? Talk about a sight to see, although seeing something that big in the sky would probably be a bit scary.

Was this a Fireball?

Looking on amsmeteors.org I can't help but wonder if this will be considered a fireball. It sure looks like it. According to their website;

A fireball is another term for a very bright meteor, generally brighter than magnitude -4, which is about the same magnitude of the planet Venus in the morning or evening sky.


Well, it definitely looks brighter than Venus. But that will be for the experts to decide.

What to do if You See Something Like This in the Sky

What are you supposed to do if you see something like this? You should report it. The  American Meteor Society says that they collect information of sightings from the public. The more people that report it the easier it is for them to learn where it started and ended its path across the sky and keep it on file. You can fill out a form online Here.

Check out the amazing footage of this meteor in the video below.

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