The Texarkana Regional Arts Center is having a clay breakfast set workshop this Tuesday evening.
What's a clay breakfast set workshop? It's a class where you get to create a complete breakfast set including a bowl, plate, and a mug out of clay. The class will take place on Tuesday, January 21 from 6:30 til 8:30 PM. The class is open to all adults and will be held in the regional arts buildings basement.

Chris Thomas had a pretty interesting path to the passion she has for pottery. She has degrees in Theology and Child Development. Chris then enrolled in the ceramics course at Texarkana College and found her passion. Her passion is now her business producing functional pottery.

The cost for the class is $55 per person, any skill level is welcome.

To get signed up for these workshops call the Texarkana Regional Arts office at 903-792-8681 for more information or check out the Facebook Event page.


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