Texarkana Texas Police were called out Monday night to reports of a single-vehicle injury crash on South Lake Dr near Garber Street. When TTPD arrived on the scene they found a motorcycle lying in the middle of the road but the rider was nowhere to be seen. 

The story continues from the TTPD Facebook page report:

A witness told the officers that the guy who had wrecked it flashed a gun, said that he had to get out of there when he heard the sirens coming, and took off.

Officer Daniel Linn and Sergeant Micah Brower found Terry Korp a few minutes later walking on Sulphur Street after someone called 911 to let us know that they'd seen him there. As they got out of their unit, he tossed a gun over a fence and continued walking away from them - but eventually stopped after being told several times. Although Korp said that he had no idea what the officers were talking about when they asked him about crashing his motorcycle, the fresh road rash on his face and the palms of this hands obviously told a different story. It didn't take long to figure out that Korp was under the influence, and they placed him under arrest. As the officers tried to walk him to their unit, he planted his feet and tried to pull away. They had to pull him toward the unit but, after a brief conversation, convinced him to get in the back seat on his own.

Mr Korp is currently sitting in the Bi-State Jail charged with DWI, Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon, and Resisting Transport. It was also discovered Terry Korp is wanted on a  felony warrant out of Ector County in Odessa, TX. Looks like he won't be getting out of jail anytime soon.




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