With the finale of 'The Bachelor' Monday night we got the news that the next season of 'The Bachelorette' will have the big twist of two bachelorettes. This could get messy.

Yes, the new season, which begins May 18 on ABC, will have two bachelorettes and 25 men. The guys will get to vote which bachelorette they want. Once that takes place then the season will continue as normal.

The problem I see is someone is going get hurt. How will it feel for one of these girls to get voted off from "her" season? I know the entire show is about "hurt feels" and "rejection," but looks like they just added the ultimate rejection! Ugh!

The two Bachelorettes are Britt and Kaitlyn. They appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" the other night practicing "dumping a guy." They really need to practice being dumped again because that will happen to one of them.

So, which Bachelorette do you think will win out? Britt or Kaitlyn? Take our poll below and tell us what you think.