The upcoming Memorial holiday weekend signifies the beginning of the summer vacation season. Millions of Americans will take to the road to head out to their favorite vacation destination, whether it be camping, swimming, hiking, or a theme park. And you can bet that those long road trips with the family is bound to spark up some argument at some point.Over the years I have learned that no matter how young or old the kids are the one thing I almost hear non-stop is "Are we there yet? I always say as we're driving down the road "Does it look like we're there yet? Secondly, the infamous words "I'm Hungry" after just eating 2 hours earlier. But have also learned that teenage boys like to aggravate their younger sisters by pulling off their sweaty socks, and giving everyone a whiff of that o' so special foot smell.  Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talkin' about, I know you do. And of course there's always some squabble about who's sitting where on the trip.

Well, a new survey just came out with the top things we fight about during ROAD TRIPS. Driving skills came in first,  the temperature in the car came in second, followed by directions.

According to a new survey, 77% of people say they actually look forward to taking road trips with their family or their significant other. However, they also admit that road trips almost always lead to at least a little argument.

Wondering what the Top seven arguments are that people have during road trips? Here are a few examples see if this sounds like your family.

1. Driving skills. That includes everything from driving too slowly or tailgating, to changing lanes too much.

2. Temperature in the car. Thankfully, I have my vehicle has separate controls

3. Directions on how to get there.  SETTLED! GPS

4. Where to eat. Bring lots of munchies, wife is good about doing that

5. Swearing at other drivers or flipping them off. Can you say road rage?

6. Volume in the car. That includes everything from whether or not to blast the radio to the kids shouting at each other. Thankfully, they have earphones for their own media gadgets.

7. Smoking. No one in my family smokes Thank God.

Here's my favorite vacation movies to help you get in the mood.

And for those needing Road Trip songs here you go.


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