It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a DRONE, a Walmart drone!

That's right, groceries will be delivered to customers' homes in Northwest Arkansas,  Walmart Zipline a company based out of Pea Ridge will use its drone delivery system to deliver groceries, some health and wellness products, and other items in a 50-mile radius. Flight time for the drone is up to 2 and half hours before it needs a new charge.

YouTube, CBS Mornings

It works like this, customers download the Walmart Zipline App, to schedule their delivery then the autonomous drone will fly the customer's package to their home and drop it off via a parachute before flying back to its home base in Pea Ridge. How cool is that?

YouTube, CBS Mornings

This delivery service already adds to the Walmart Driverless delivery service I mentioned in a story a couple of weeks ago.

I have to admit all of this is really cool, but could we get a little love thrown our way in Southwest Arkansas. No word on when these services will be available for our area but if all goes well, Walmart hopes to expand this service nationwide at some point.

YouTube, CBS Mornings

CBS Mornings gives you some behind-the-scenes look at this new delivery service.

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