Mark your calendar for Jan. 20-21, 2019 that's because most of us in Texarkana and the United States will be able to witness a total lunar eclipse. And the best news, it won't happen in the middle of the night, this eclipse will begin around 8:36PM (Central) and peak around 11:12PM, weather permitting of course.

This rare natural occurrence is called a "Super Blood Wolf Moon,"  that's because the moon is closest to the Earth during its orbit. The reddish/orange tint or hue it gives out is due to light filtering caused in our atmosphere. The "wolf" term comes from Native American folk lore. Howling at the moon is certainly allowed on this night. So grab the binoculars, telescope, or just use your naked eye to view this spectacular phenomenon.

Of course, the best places for viewing a total lunar eclipse is away from city lights, out in the country, if possible. See timeline HERE. Watch Live Total Eclipse HERE.

Enjoy, because the next total lunar eclipse will not occur until May 26, 2021.




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