A recent survey shows that `14% of Americans don't care anything about today's eclipse, this is for the rest of us;

Solarbration Day 2024 is here and we have posted so much about this it's amazing, There is, however, one last thing that you might want to know... where do I park? We got you.


We have so much eclipse-oriented stuff happening downtown today, fingers crossed that the weather cooperates, you know there's something fun to do no matter which way you turn. The only question is, where can you turn-in and park for all of this?

Here's your answer:

Eclipse Solarbration Parking - where to go in downtown Texarkana
Eclipse Solarbration Parking - where to go in downtown Texarkana

Whatever you do today, be safe, wear your glasses, protect your eyes, and have fun. This won't happen again over most of the United States until 2045. Some have been wondering what the big deal is? That's the big deal, it just doesn't happen very often.

Arrive early, stay late... we'll see you on the radio and talk all about tomorrow.

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