Ah, the things people say on Facebook! I really am shocked sometimes at what people will write on their status updates. They hate their boss or they "played" to much the night before.  Not to mention the cuss words! Well, get ready because there is a new website out there that takes some of those nasty little Facebook statuses and republishes them for all to see!

It's called We Know What You're Doing.  The website searches public profiles for certain words and phrases then republishes the statuses. It even has categories like: "Who Wants to Get Fired?" "Who's Hungover?" "Who's Taking Drugs?" and "Who's Got a New Phone Number?"

Callum Haywood, a teenager from England and is the websites creator told CNN:

"I was very shocked at exactly what people reveal in their public Facebook posts, which is one of the reasons I started the site. If there were no relevant data to prove the point, then the website probably wouldn’t exist.

"I created the website to make people aware of the issues that it creates when they post such information on Facebook without any privacy settings enabled," said the teenager, who lives in Nottingham, England. "The people featured on the site are most likely not aware that what they post as 'public' can be seen by absolutely anybody, and that Facebook will happily give away this information to other websites."

Smart kid! Now if your privacy settings on Facebook are set to "friends only" you should be o.k.

By the way, my rule of thumb has always been: If you shouldn't say it in front of your mom, then you shouldn't write it on Facebook!


via Site shows Facebook updates your boss shouldn't see - CNN.com.