OMG! Okay, yes! My guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelorette. Anybody that watches the show knows that "this will be the most dramatic season EVER." LOL yeah, we've all heard that one! But, it just might be true this season.

Last night Desiree was ready for a big day with Brooks. Well, she got it...he dumped her! Wait a minute dude! You're not suppose to do that!

So, what happens now? She said she was in love with him. Not the other 2 guys still left. Is she suppose to just pick one and then they will always know they were number 2? I don't think so. Best bet for Des to do is to get up head high and choose no one. We already know the odds of these relationships on and off the show don't last very long.

Maybe, Brook will realize he loves her and they'll hook back up at the "After the Rose" show? But, would you after all that drama and tears of him breaking up with her on last night's episode?

Des will find love as soon as she realizes that it's pretty much impossible to find it on a T.V. show.