Wynonna Judd leapt to the defense of her little sister Ashley after talk show host Wendy Williams attacked the actress over the fact that she is married without children. The country star took to Twitter to comment on how what Williams said was unacceptable.

Williams was recapping celebrity news and referenced Ashley, who has apparently reunited with her estranged husband, race car driver Dario Franchitti, from whom she split earlier this year. He was involved in a wreck at the Houston Grand Prix, and Judd has been by his side through it all.

The couple has been married for 11 years, but have no children. Williams made the claim that people shouldn't enter the institution of marriage if they plan to remain childless. She also said that Ashley Judd, 45, must be "kinda rotten down there." While her first comment was out of the line, the second was completely uncalled for, in Wynonna's mind, and unnecessarily offensive.

Below are Wynonna's tweets. Many of her followers dismissed Williams as being a big mouth that no one takes seriously, but the country singer was quick to point out that family is family, and she felt the need to address it.

"People say this crap & get away with it. It hurts," Judd added in one of her final tweets, most of which has since been deleted. "We are human, not robots. If you talk trash about my family I am going to feel like anyone else would. I can talk about my family, Lol, but if someone else does…… #Godbewithyou."

In a message directly to Taste of Country, Judd says that Williams has since apologized for her comments and that "all has been forgiven."