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Mattel to Make Bald and Beautiful Barbies
We think this is one of the coolest things we have heard in a good long while. Cheers to the folks at Mattel, they are going to start manufacturing a bald barbie doll for little girls loosing their hair from chemo-therapy, or alopecia, and other conditions that cause hair loss.
Your Opinion in the Trayvon Martin Shooting Case [POLL]
There has been a lot said, and very little official information released, on the case of George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin.  There have been posts on the social networks, and reports on the different network news shows all telling “what they think” concerning …
FAU Student Throws a Racist Hissy Fit [Video]
I saw this on the news this morning, and thought “Yep, everybody has cell phones.”  A Florida Atlantic University student completely flipped out on her professor and classmates in a racist rant that has a lot of folks talking.
Man Arrested Because Daughter Drew Picture Of Gun [VIDEO]
In the wake of the tragic high school shootings in Ohio today, I thought I would share this story I saw yesterday about a Canadian man who was arrested at his children's school, taken to the police station and strip-searched all because his 4-year old daughter drew a picture of gun at school.

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