I've been doing radio for a long time in the Texarkana area and over the years I have heard a ton of music. You may be surprised to learn there are quite a few songs that mention Texarkana in their lyrics even a few with Texarkana in the title.

I often wonder, what inspires an artist to write a song with Texarkana in their lyrics? Was it a personal experience they had when they performed here, or maybe just passing through on the way to another gig, perhaps it just rhymes with the verse in the song, that's my guess?

I have put together a list of songs with a video, some songs you may have heard and others you may not have heard about. So, I encourage you to sit back and listen to 12 Country Songs That Mention Texarkana in the Lyrics.

1. East Bound and Down

This is the first song that comes to mind, from the classic movie "Smoky and The Bandit," who could forget Jerry Reed aka "The Snowman" trying to deliver a load of beer with Burt Reynolds "The Bandit," from Texarkana to Atlanta without getting caught by Sheriff Buford T. Justice. There may be a lot of songs about Texarkana but this song put T-town on the map as the beer capital of Texas. Somebody must have been drinking when they put the lyrics together for this video because they misspelled Texarkana.

 2. Cotton Fields

Creedence Clearwater Revival was not really considered country but a lot of their music had country overtones like this one. How can you not like a song that has the lyrics "Just a Mile From Texarkana," however, I don't know what kind of Kool-aid the writers of this song were drinking but Texarkana is not a mile from Texarkana.

3. All My Exe's Live in Texas

Everyone that's been through a divorce can appreciate this song from George Strait, whether you are from the Lone Star state or not. "Rosanna's Down in Texarkana," let me know when you find her because I sure haven't found her yet.

4.  I've Been Everywhere

This song has been recorded by several different artists over the years and featured in commercials but the most memorable one for me is from native Arkansan Johnny Cash. This would make a great trivia question. How many towns does Johnny Cash mention in this song with the lyrics "I've Been To Houston, Kingston, Texarkana."

5. Texas

I have always loved this song because it screams Texas with some fired-up fiddlin' from one of the great legends of country music The Charlie Daniels Band. You know you're from Texas when Charlie sings " Runs From Texarkana to El Paso."

6. Texas Swing

You probably haven't heard this song from Clay Walker but the lyrics say it all, "Why All it's Good to be Back from Lubbock, Texarkana."

7. Ride

This song is reminiscent of "I've Been Everywhere," lots of towns mentioned in a short amount of time from Trace Adkins, "Little Rock, Texarkana, Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso.

8. Southern Hallelujah

Another song from native Texan Trace Adkins, with lyrics,  "Bama Belles Set Hearts Pumpin' Texarkana Maids are Something." Wonder how he knows that?

9. No Place Like You

A little-known song from country music female duo Maddie and Tae with lyrics "Killing Time in Texarkana, Rolling Tide in Alabama," you gotta love them.

10. Merry Christmas from Texas Y'all

What would Christmas be in the Lonestar State without a little southern hospitality and Tracy Byrd singing the lyrics, "From El Paso to Texarkana."

11. 24 Hours at a Time

The Marshall Tucker Band is trying to reach that Arkansas line with the lyrics, "Texarkana is an Hour Ahead and I Gotta Keep My Wheels Rolling."

12. Texarkana Baby

And finally, we end our list of songs with Texarkana in the lyrics with a song that is about Texarkana. The late Eddy Arnold took this song titled, "Texarkana Baby," to the top of the charts in 1947.  Wonder if his baby was friends with Rosanna?

So many songs about Texarkana, do you know any more songs we could add to this list?

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