Happiness can't be bought with money, but it can be measured and ranked against the happiness of others.

What determines happiness? Is it the people in your life, money, or possessions? Maybe it's simply where you live. Recently, WalletHub.com took a look at happiness. They believe that your level of happy comes from a "positive mental state, healthy body, strong social connections, job satisfaction and financial well-being."

With this in mind, WalletHub measured which states had more of these contributing factors than others.

They also looked at depression rates across the board, as well as income-growth rate and the average amount of leisure time in 180 cities in the nation. From this, WalletHub has determined that the happiest city in the nation is Fremont, California. They also found that two Texas cities were among the top 10 happiest in the U.S.

Plano, Texas came in at number 5, with Grand Prairie landing at number 10.

Other Ark-La-Tex standouts on the list were Shreveport, Louisiana at number 172 and Little Rock, Arkansas at number 178. Texas was able to put 16 cities on this list. Louisiana had two other cities on the list, while Arkansas put up one other offering.

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