ISIS is all-but destroyed, the economy is looking much better, tax cuts should help most people, regulations are being slashed, retail sales are up, housing starts are up and the Stock Market is still setting records. What's not to be optimistic about in 2018?

OK, I'm not optimistic about North Korea. Kim Jong-short-pants is going to go from nuisance to big problem and before too long, something will have to be done about it.

Thumbs up on defeating ISIS, last I heard they hold no foreign ground anymore. Does that mean we won't see any more terrorist attacks in the USA? Unfortunately, it does not.

The United Nations is close to getting the big boot. Good, it's been a joke for decades.

Did You Know... our economy has been growing at over 3% for the last 2 quarters? That's a good thing. The unemployment rate is at a 12 year low? Texas is enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in its history at 3.9%, Arkansas is even better at 3.7%.

Salaries and wages have been trending upward this last year, that's awesome. The tax cuts should be a positive for roughly 80% of all taxpayers, no change for about 15% and an increase for the top 5% who live in high tax states. I've done some figuring on mine it looks like I might break even or possibly get a little back. Either of those beat the heck out writing a check to the IRS every year.

Watch the video interview with Art Laffer below, Art was President Reagan's economic advisor and he's very enthused, I'll be enthused along with him for now.

Overall the year seems full of good possibilities. Keep your eyes open and your mind clear. Get negative people out of your life, like snowflakes, resistance people and leftists. Remember, Socialism does not work, never has, never will, teach your kids that fact because they are not learning it in school as they should be. Stay positive, count your blessings, talk to God, do good, volunteer, help your neighbor, and remember, the 2nd Amendment protects all the rest.  Carry on!

Thanks for listening to Lisa, John and I, you have no idea how much it means to us.

Happy New Year my friends and family, I hope you have your best year yet.


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