The Farmers Almanac predicts this summer is going to be extremely hot. With warmer weather already here, now is the time to start thinking about your favorite swimming hole. Arkansas has a lot of neat places where you can cool off during the hot summer months.

With lakes, rivers, plentiful in the Natural State there is an abundance of great swimming holes where you can swim, float, or just wade in some cool refreshing water. Here are my 5 Captivating Paradise-Like Swimming Holes in Arkansas.

Little Missouri Falls

Let's begin in everybody's hot spot to go from Texarkana, Little Missouri Falls has been a prime destination for years. You can swim, float, or wade in this prestigious swimming hole located in the Ouachita National Forest near Glenwood. The water is always cool from the rushing falls with the backdrop of boulders and cliffs in the area. For a weekend trip or week-long vacation spot, you can't go wrong with Little Missouri Falls.

Lake Ouachita

It doesn't get any better than Lake Ouachita located by nearby Hot Springs National Park. This lake happens to be the largest in the state of Arkansas, not to mention one of the cleanest in the U.S., surrounded by the beauty of the Ouachita mountains and forests. Find an island on one of several on the lake, and you can have your very own private oasis. For more fun and relaxation head over to Crystal Springs Beach!

Lake Sylvia

Not a lot a folks know about Lake Sylvia unless you live in the Northeast corner of the state, located near the beautiful Ouachita National Forest Lake 38 miles from the state capital of Arkansas Little Rock. This swimming hole is a hidden gem that will truly amaze you.

Blanchard Springs

There is nothing quite like dipping your toes in a mountainside waterfall in Arkansas, the place to do just that is Mountain View at the nearby Blanchard Springs Cavern.

Falling Waterfalls Swimming Hole

The Ozark National Forest of northwest Arkansas is well known for its untimely beauty and for starters, the Ben Hur falling waterfalls swimming hole may be a little off the beaten path but people come from miles around and from all over the country to jump feet first into this incredible swimming paradise. You can swing into the swimming hole from a nearby tree just make sure you yell like Tarzan on the way down.

Arkansas is the Natural State for a reason and any trip to a swimming hole is well worth the drive from Texarkana.

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