So if you are planning a very special evening with your siginificant other at home for Valentine's Day nothing sets the mood better than with some great music. Country music has some of the greatest lyrics when it comes to romancing that loved one in your life.

I have found five songs that are currently on the charts that I think will melt her heart no matter the situation.

1. You Make It Easy - Jason Aldean (Inspired by his wife)

2. Heaven - Kane Brown  (song that is sultry but to the point)

3. In Case You Didn't Know - Brett Young( confession of your love to her)

4. Written In The Sand - Old Dominion ( song about a finding new love)

5. Losing Sleep - Chris Young (sexy song that touches her soul)

I'm sure you could add so many more to this list, but I think these 5 songs are good for setting the mood for a Happy Valentine's Day!