Today's is Valentine's Day and by now you probably already know what you planning on giving. Will it be the traditional chocolate, roses, or something completely out of the ordinary. The typical guy will usually go into a store and buy the first thing that looks good thinking she is gonna love it. The fact of the matter is, if you don't put a little thought and creativity behind your jester, it could mean the difference between having a good night or a bad one. But by all means, do not forget her on Valentine's Day!

According to GQ they talked with a ton of florists and found that most guys don't have a clue when it comes to buying flowers or choosing the right colors. One of the biggest mistakes is waiting until the last minute and running into a store and grabbing some flowers. That's okay, but let's just hope she never figures out she was a last minute thought.

If you do decide to visit a flower shop, ask the florist for suggestions and decide how much you can spend, chances are they may be able to put a really nice bouquet together for you with a special touch. Also see if they have any chocolates for sale. Most florists sell more than just flowers these days -- especially around Valentine's Day.


Also, many guys seem to think that roses are what all women want, but did you know there are other flowers out there that are just as impressive to get your point across. For example, orchids and roses mixed together are stunning. Dare to be different, what woman wouldn't like that.

As for picking the right colors, guys are naturally drawn to brighter colors but going more neutral and darker can the way to go for Valentine's Day. And don't ever make this mistake again -- one we've all done -- give our woman flowers wrapped in plastic. While there is nothing wrong with it, you don't want to come off as cheap. Go ahead and spend the extra money and buy a vase to put them in. Women love showing off their flowers to their co-workers as it shows your testament of love to them.


So good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!