A wild and wooly week on America's Got Talent. It was week #3 of the Live Shows also known as the Quarter Finals and the talent was great so making my picks this week was not easy at all.

The nervousness showed on a few of the singers this week which may hurt one or both, we'll see. The Mentalist guy did a great routine, but so complex it's kind of hard to follow at times. And that dance/acrobatic team is just crazy good.

Who did make it past America's judging this week? We'll find out for sure tonight, for now, my guesses have a star to the right.

  • Colin Cloud - Mentalist *
  • Angelina Green 13-year-old singer
  • Oscar Hernandez - Big Dancer
  • Final Draft - Boy Band
  • Junior & Emily Alabi - Sibling Dancers
  • Greater Works Gospel Choir *
  • Kechi - Singer *
  • Diavolo Dance/Aerobatix Troup *
  • Sara & Hero - Dog Act *
  • Chase Goehring - Singer/Musician/Song Writer *
  • Mike Young - Subway SInger *
  • Oscar & Caspar - Human Projection Act

We'll see how I did on the Thursday Wakup Crew!

If you missed any of the acts last night, their performances are below, or you can watch the whole episode at NBC.com.