We're up to week #3 of the quarter finals on America's Got Talent on NBC. Last night the competition was intense but using my keen eye for talent (cough) I think I have the field narrowed down to who will make it through to the next round. 

Tuesday night twelve very talented acts performed live on America's Got Talent, well, make that eleven talented acts and one really odd dude. The odd dude you ask? Vello Vaher and that strange contortion acts he does. I guess it takes talent to do things like that I just don't see him making a living in Vegas doing that act.

Here are my picks to move on to the semi-finals:

  • Ronnie Martin
  • Linkin' Bridge
  • Blake Vogt
  • Edgar
  • Brian Justin Crum
  • Malevo
  • Grace VanderWaal

Those that I don't think will make it through:

  • The Passing Zone
  • Julia Scotti
  • Alla & Daniel
  • Kaden Bart Rockett
  • Vello Vaher

If you missed any of the acts last night, their performances are below, or you can watch the whole episode at NBC.com.

Tune in Thursday morning at 7:45 and let's compare notes.