Tonight's the night alright, the season finally of America's Got Talent on NBC. Last night's performances were, in a word, amazing. Who will be the winner? I have a guess.

Tuesday night, ten extremely talented acts performed, five singing acts and five ... other acts. As I said on Wednesday's radio show, usually there are a few stiffs that really shouldn't be in this part of the competition that we can all ignore, but this time, not so much. America's Got Talent gave us the acts and America voted them down to the final ten. Who will America pick as the big winner? That's a great question..

I would love to see Jon Dorenbos, the Magician/long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles win the big prize. His story and talent are inspirational.

However, this is about who I think America will pick to win, for that I say Grace VanderWaal. She has captured so many hearts and is such a great young talent, I really think America will be moved by her and vote her this season's winner.

Frankly I won't be upset if several of the finalists end up getting the top prize.

The acts I loved the most include:

  • Sal Valentinetti
  • Laura Bretan
  • Sofie Dossi
  • Tape Face
  • Jon Dorenbos
  • Viktor Kee
  • The Clairvoyants

One thing I know for sure, Simon Cowell is going to become a lot richer with his fingers in all of these talented acts pockets for years to come.

Congratulations AGT, this has been, the best season yet.

If you missed any of the acts last night, their performances are below, or you can watch the whole episode at

Non Singers:

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