SpaceX is showing the world that America is ready to kick some space-butt as they performed an almost flawless test of a little spaceship they called Falcon Heavy, launched into orbit, put a Tesla in space, and tow of the three boosters landed perfectly. It was fantastic!

It wasn't flawless unfortunately, the large center booster crashed on re-entry instead of landing smoothly as the side booster did. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Monday and explained that two of the three engines did not relight on entry because they ran out of ignition fuel. Something that would seem to be a fairly easy fix for future launches.

In one of the videos below you can see what was a live cam of the Tesla Roadster with the mannequin named Starman in a space suit, he's still floating towards Mars, or at least somewhat in that general direction. Great publicity stunt.

The great news in all of this is overall, this was a spectacular test of a new rocket capable of lifting heavy cargo and Americans back into space. Soon we will not be dependent on Russia for our own Astronauts to get to and from the International Space Station and other projects leading us back to the stars and beyond.

SpaceX is a private company working in partnership with NASA and getting the job done. As you watch the videos below, notice the cheering crowds, the pride of a job well done. That's what America is all about, that pioneering spirit that made us the greatest country in the world is coming back... and it is awesome.


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