There were many reports across the U.S. including the Texarkana area where a bright moving light was spotted over the sky Sunday evening. Did you happen to see it?

The bright object was seen across the area around sunset and had social media buzzing about what exactly it was. My friend Greg Hagood saw it and shared the video on his Facebook page and people started commenting immediately. Of course, with everything going on in the world today you can never be too cautious.

Greg Hagood's Facebook video.

Some comments were funny others more serious.

  • Flock of Seagulls
  • Beam me up, Mr. Spock
  • An Airplane flying through the clouds causes the light to be distorted. Seen it many times before
  • Call Ghost Busters
  • Drone watching your every move
  • It glows…..kinda eerie!
  • I saw the same thing in October over Lake Greeson
  • It looked like the moon was moving really fast at first. I saw it too
  • Ask the experts and they’ll tell you swamp gas Lol
  • Probably aliens looking for intelligent life in D.C.?
  • Wouldn’t doubt they letting something go in the air to make everyone sick again
  • SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket today
WFAA, YouTube
WFAA, YouTube
The last comment is correct according to WFAA channel 8- ABC TV in Dallas they were Space X satellites being sent into orbit that launched from Florida.
WFAA, YouTube

More Launches Coming!

It's the company's third launch of the year and they have plans to launch 100 more in 2024. Space is about to get more crowded with the Space X Starlink missions.

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