You knew it was bound to happen it seems like every year some drama occurs on American Idol. According to TMZ one of the remaining American Idol finalists will be kicked off the show tonight (Wed 3/14) for allegedly concealing a criminal record and outstanding warrants from producers.

After doing some digging around the contestant is Jermaine Jones who was recently brought back by the judges for a second chance. According to TMZ reports the contestant was charged in 2011 with two crimes, including one that allegedly involved violence. In both cases, sources say the contestant gave a false name to police when placed under arrest.

TMZ reports the singer was confronted with the information on camera Tuesday and Fox will air the footage on Wednesday’s edition of American Idol.

I guess my question is this: Don't they do extensive background checks on these contestants? In a high tech world with plenty of instant search sites and Google How does a contestant slip thru the cracks of   of a multimillion-dollar "Idol" show and not pick up something like outstanding arrest warrants?

American Idol airs at 7pm Central on Fox.