Chances are you probably already heard about this but if not, here goes. The Burger Joint located where Naamans BBQ used to be on N. State Line is now closed. I noticed that this weekend when I was going to eat there.

The restaurant hasn't been open for long in Texarkana, they opened back in February of this year. The original Burger Joint is located in New Boston, Texas at 700 Davy Crockett, Suite 200, and it will remain open. The restaurant is well known for its fresh-made homemade burgers, hand-cut fries, fried pickles. fried mushrooms, and a variety of other sandwiches such as the Club, Chicken Salad Sandwich, or the Oink, my personal favorite bacon, pepper jack cheese, ham, brisket, house sauce, and marmalade. Guess I'll be needing to take a road trip to New Boston just to get this awesome sandwich. And have you tried their brisket tacos and quesadillas? Amazing!

Every Friday they offer up Family Packs for take-out 4 burgers and a family-size order of fries for only $25. Call ahead 903- 556-0596 or visit their website to view their other menu items. You can also visit them on their Facebook page.

Times are tough right now, as always, I hate to see another Texarkana restaurant close but its not a long drive to New Boston to enjoy some great food and friendly service at The Burger Joint.

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