Have you heard? Another store is closing in Texarkana.

One of the nations' largest Christian based retail chains, Lifeway Christian Store is closing its doors on all of their stores nationwide. That means the Texarkana store will be closing at some point this year, we just don't when.

According to their website Lifeway's Facts & Trends, the announcement came yesterday March 20, 2019. It was reported that all 170 stores across the country will be closing their doors this year but will continue to sale their products online. The digital age has really been the motivation behind making this transition because more consumers are doing the online shopping experience.

I've personally noticed that more and more brick and mortar stores have been closing their doors mainly due to declining sales and foot traffic. A trend that has been going on the past several years and shows no signs of ending anytime soon..

However, if their is a silver lining out of all this Lifeway Christian has been showing significant digital growth. Some of their online growth has come from Bible studies, live streaming events, online training and worship community.

It's really sad to see these stores close but the Lifeway Christian website promises they will continue to serve the community and churches with all the spiritual needs they have been accustomed to through their online services..

We reached out to management here in Texarkana but they were unable to comment about the matter.

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