So a couple of days ago, I was on my way home and decided to drop by Subway on State Line to grab a sandwich, as I approached the building I noticed their was no one in the parking lot and the place looked dark. Sure enough as I walked up to the door there was sign on the door explaining why they are no longer in business.

Here's what the message attached to the door said

"To our valued customers sorry for the inconvenience this store will be closed effective June, 16, 2018. The nearest Subway is located in the Walmart Supercenter about a 1/4 mile East of this store."  Looking forward to seeing you soon! Your Subway Staff.

Add that to a growing list of stores in Texarkana that have recently closed their doors whether it be for financial reasons, business decision, lack of customers or some other reason, It's never easy to see a business close that's been a vital part of our community for years. I personally probably won't go to the Walmart Subway unless I happen to be shopping there. Too much of a hassle to get in there and then find a parking space but that's just me.

The positive note here, is that while some stores are closing, there some new ones that have already opened or coming soon to Texarkana. Y'all ready for Taco Tico?


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