We've all heard the slogan "Arkansas the Natural State," right?  However, it could easily be known as the "Wine State," because of its many wineries and vineyards all across the state.

I know what you're thinking, Arkansas a wine state? I would have thought California when it comes to wine, but believe it or not, Arkansas has some really nice vineyards. And as the fall season gets underway there is nothing like taking a weekend trip through the mountains and countryside of Arkansas to visit the various wineries that the state offers.

For starters, let's begin in beautiful Hot Springs, Ark., at a place called The Winery located at 1503 Central Ave. This place not only features various handcrafted wines from all over the state but is home to the Arkansas Historic Wine Museum.

Next let's head up toward the Ozark mountains in North Arkansas to Altus Ark., home to Chateau Aux Arc, known for being the biggest producers of Cynthiana grapes in the world and one of the biggest producers of Chardonnay grapes in America, with the exception of California of course. In operation since 2001, Chateau Aux Arc is said to mean "Ozark" in French.


Altus is also home to two other wineries including Post Familie Vineyards and Winery. This winery was derived by the immigration of German and Swiss Catholics that settled in the area in the 1880s. Today Altus continues to be one of 100 largest wineries in the country. There's a good chance you've seen their red Moscato wine sold at Walmart, which I can say is delicious. Don't miss their Devine Evening in the Vineyards coming Oct. 1.

Also, you have to visit Wiederkehr Village located near Altus. This winery has a cellar with rows and rows of barrels where a huge variety of wine is housed. Tours are available at this historical famous winery in Arkansas.

The best thing about all these vineyards and wineries is that many can be visited within a day. So for a weekend getaway or just a road trip for a day, this makes for a fun adventure for yourself or with your significant other.

To take the ultimate Wine Tour in Arkansas go HERE.


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