Surprisingly, they're not the first state to do this.

In whatever state you grew up, you probably learned everything about. Its history and traditions. Its state bird, flower and food. Do you remember dinosaurs being thrown into that mix? No, not that dinosaurs existed and that you could find fossils around the state...

I'm talking about your state dinosaur.

This is a thing... apparently. And Arkansas is the latest state to get in on this. Lawmakers are pushing a proposal to be passes to make a specific dinosaur that official state dinosaur. This type of dinosaur is the only one that has ever been discovered within state borders.

It's the Arkansaurus fridayi.

The proposal has been passing with unanimous votes so far. I mean, it sounds totally awesome to have a "state dinosaur." The reason for the push? To keep up with their border states. Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri already have their own state dinosaurs. Kind of sounds like peer pressure, doesn't it? Well, at least Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri aren't all jumping off of cliffs or anything like that.

All hail, the mighty Arkansaurus fridayi!

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