So, did you know there is assigned seating at Cinemark 14 in Texarkana now? I didn't realize that until I went to see a movie over the weekend. When I was buying a ticket I was shown a seating chart and had to pick a seat to sit in.

I have to admit, I wasn't to happy about it but was told that most theaters nation-wide are doing this now. I always thought going to a movie was supposed to be a casual experience but times seems to be changing and it seems they want it to become more of a planning event  There are pro and cons of this in my opinion first the pros or the good news, if I want to see a blockbuster new release and I like sitting in a certain area in the theater, if I reserve my seats plenty time in advance I'm pretty much guaranteed my seats and can get there at the last minute if I choose to watch the movie. The con is, if a person shows up to buy a ticket you may not have any other choice but to sit where there are seats available, which could be in the front row.

Improvements and better floor lighting is coming so that moviegoers will be able to see the aisle numbers better. Seating numbers are located on the pull-down seat cushion but that will be a little harder to see since people will be sitting in their seats, so it's just best to get there early if you choose to walk up and buy tickets that day.

Photo, Mario Garcia

I reached out to Cinemark management to ask them whati the purpose of assigned seating was and was told "It's designed to cut down long lines when blockbuster movies are showing and  that moviegoers are able to sit where they like in their favorite section," said, Valerie Brooks.  And it will be great for a large group of friends or a large family who wants to sit together which otherwise at times may be separated because of a full theater.

Like it or not, it will take a little while to get used to this new method but I do know that some people will say, I'll just wait for the movie to come out and watch it home.

So, what do you think? Is assigned seats a good idea or horrible idea?