This is the story of how I married a geek and how she introduced me to the Comic Con phenomenon. 

It's true, I married a geek. A pretty little Star Trekin,' role playing, D&D, ghost chasing, Whovian, Queenie that's as funny, if not funnier, than I am most of the time. The only thing missing from my darling Donna is the horn rims with white tape holding them together over the nose. Don't get me wrong, I have my own facets of geekdom that are firmly rooted in being a Trekkie from way back, but I never went as far as she did. I know just enough about all the above to hang with the "nerd-herd" but when the hard-core trivia starts I'll be the first one out every time.

That being said, my lovely bride has introduced me to something the nerds have been doing for years now and the rest of us are just starting to catch on to -- the Comic Convention! Did anyone else hear the angels singing right then or was that just me?

Comic Cons, or just "Cons" for the enlightened, are the world where stardom and geekdom come together to shine for a few days, and if you pay a little attention these things are happening all over the place almost every weekend. Little Rock, Dallas, Houston, Shreveport, and yes even Texarkana has its own smaller version but it's growing. Ark-La-Tex Comic Con.

The pinnacle of this mass of nerdy humanity is the Con held in San Diego each year that is on every geek's bucket list at least once, and yes, toss me in that bucket as well. Having been to three or four Cons now and having a great time at each one, why not? This stuff is fun.

I've had the chance to meet and get my picture taken with the Shat, William Shatner, Alice Cooper, George Takei and many others. If you bring your pockets full of $20 bills you can get signatures and sometimes photos with tons of famous people. Here's a short list from last weekend:

  • Henry Winkler
  • Linda Blair
  • Wrestlers Sting, Roddy Piper, Ron Simpson, Ted Dibiase, Charles Wright and Bobby Heenen
  •  George Takei
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Haley Atwell
  • Marina Sirtis
  • Laurie Holden
  • John Schneider
  • Donal Logue
Trust me, that's a very short list.
Then there are panel sessions where the stars of famous shows sit and answer goofy questions from the audience.
And the show main floor is loaded with every kind character you can imagine and some you would have never imagined. Just look up "Furry" and you'll see what I'm talking about.
So what kind of geek are you? A Superman fan, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Horror, Batman, Star Wars or Star Trek? All of the above or something else? Chances are you'll find it represented at your nearest Comic Con.