According to a press release issued on Monday, Oct. 15, The Central Bowie County WSC public water system is advising all its customers to boil their water before drinking or using for other related water usage such as, brushing your teeth, washing hands, cooking, etc. This boil ordinance is due to low disinfectant residuals found by the Texas Commission on Environmental  Quality.

Persons with weaken immune systems are particularly susceptible to bacteria that may be harmful especially to children and seniors. Customers should boil their water before consumption of any kind to ensure that any harmful bacteria and microbes are destroyed. When boiling water it must come to a slow rolling or bubbling boil for two minutes before it is safe to use.

A Boil Water Notice issued for low residuals does not automatically mean that the water is unsafe or contaminated. It is a required precaution. The water is required to have a disinfectant residual above a certain level. Then if something did go wrong, a line break for example, and something did get into the water, there would be enough disinfectent in the water to inactivate it.

Until this boil order is lifted customers are encouraged to purchase bottle water or some other source for drinking purposes and usages. The public water system will then notify its customers when the water is safely regulated to consume again.

Please feel free to notify neighbors, friends, family, schools, churches, and other businesses that may have not received a notification.

If you have any concerns about this matter please call Hal Harris at 903-628-5601.



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