Chris Stapleton met Axl Rose and asked the question we've all been dying to ask.

Chris Stapleton is everywhere these days and we are definitely not complaining. We love his raw sound and soulful lyrics. But do we love him enough to share him? Are we comfortable with fans of other genres being his? Are we ready to extend the invitation to our exclusive fan club? Whether we want to make new "CS Fan Club" buttons or not, it's definitely happening.

His popularity has most certainly broken the country walls.

Most recently, Chris brought down the house while opening for legendary rockers Guns N' Roses. Obviously the guys of Gun N' Roses know Chris well enough to have him open for them, but according to Rolling Stone, Chris said he and his producer were "summoned" to go backstage to meet Axl Rose after the show.

So, what was he like?

In the interview Chris said Axl was "polite, gracious, and a gentleman." They chatted about music, of course, before Chris asked what we've all been dying to know. How does Axl get on stage night after night and scream like that? It would have to take a toll on his vocal chords, certainly after all of these years.

His response?

Ha! Like Chris would tell us. When prodded further on the topic, Chris just said, "He's Axl Rose, man. He's one of a kind." It must be some sort of musician's code. Sounds like the secret of screaming on stage is one he will go to his grave with.