The results are in! All the master grillers offered up their very best in a competition to win the grand prize of $1,000 from Big Jake’s Barbecue. The envelope please….

Third place went to Smokey Porkers I.

Second place went to 67 R/H, with their sweet and smoky Handsome Jack Barbecue sauce.

And first place went to Smokey Porkers II. Wait! What?

Yes, that’s not a typo folks. Smokey Porkers I and II are father and daughter teams that competed against one another for this year’s prize, and their unique flavors were so good it garnered them each an award this year.

Congratulations to this year’s winners and a big thanks to all those that participated in this year’s competition. I sampled most everyone’s eats this year and all I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t a judge because this was one cook-off that was super hard to call. I loved all your sticky, finger-licking worthy treats and I can’t wait to cover this event again next year!

67 R/H

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