There was this story I was considering for Global Oddities Monday about a Louisianna couple caught in the act of "doing-it" in a courthouse stairwell. He was a trustee, she is apparently, his willing girlfriend. They were caught last Wednesday around 10:30 AM. 

Just another stupid couple for Global Oddities right? The thing that made me pause is why the heck is she smiling? I know, insert dirty joke here!

Now get your brain out of the gutter for a second and help me out, has our society lost all shame?

"Oh well, I got caught, time to smile for the camera!"

Is there such a thing as too stupid to understand shame? If so then there are a lot of people falling into that category lately. Do people just not learn right from wrong anymore? I hope to God my kids, who are almost all adults now, caught on to what I tried to teach them about right and wrong, honesty, do unto others, etc. The Bible is pretty clear on this sort of thing but I don't want to get too preachy here.

I can tell you this, if my sons or daughter ever smiled for their mug shot... well, let's not go there. Does embarrassing your parents not matter anymore either?

I know this rant has many answers and many discussions, from "removing God from school" to "everyone gets a trophy." Sometimes, something just needs to be said so my head won't explode.

He is 20, she is 19. If you would like to read the whole story at the New York Daily News, please do, it is funny, but it also scares me to death.

Love ya, mean it.


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