There was another media briefing at the Joint Operations Center this morning around 10 AM and we are at an overall number of COVID-19 cases to thirteen total from our immediate area.

  • 9 from Bowie County and 1 death.
  • 2 from Cass County
  • 2 from Miller County

Doctor Matt Young emphasized in the video below that both Texarkana Hospitals are treating many more Coronavirus patients that are not residents of these 3 counties. Dr Young also stated that there are currently well over 150 possible cases under investigation awaiting test results.

On the good news side of things, Dr Young also reminded everyone; "There are many people who have recovered that are already back into the public".  Dr Young also said;  "There are also many people who have never been hospitalized, that had no symptoms that are now past their 14-day quarantine... that are now back out in the public that are no risk to the general public", he said.

The full Press Conference video is below.

A new screening tool has been developed by the CDC and Apple, allowing users to answer a few questions and determine if they need to be tested for COVID-19. It can be found here:


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