January is in fact almost done and apparently we have shifted modes this week, Sir John, our resident BritNeck, has brought us another feel-good song just trying to turn the whole New Year up one little ol' itty-bitty notch, this one is called 'Good Time' by new guy Niko Moon. So, like a bobber on wet line, here we come with another Good Time, it's the Wakeup Crew with Jim & Lisa and Sir John with this week's Cultured Country.

Just so you can follow along, below is the lyric:
We just tryna catch a good time
Even if it takes all night
Pass that bottle 'round the campfire
Sippin' apple pie moonshine
Yeah we pickin' on them guitars just right
Everybody singin' Dixieland Delight
Like a bobber on a wet line
We just tryna catch a good time


"Cultured Country," listen for it Thursday mornings at 7:45 with Jim & Lisa, "The Wakeup Crew," on Kicker 102.5.

Here's the way it sounds when Niko does it...

How It Works:

The premise is simple, country music lovers like us are generally thought of as un-cultured, so to fight this ridiculous notion and bring what we consider a little more refinement to our show, we thought having someone from jolly old England read some country music lyrics, out loud, on the radio might raise the culture bar a notch or two. Since we don't have any access to the Royals and the only Brit we know in the immediate area just happens to be Lisa's husband John, that's the way we went.

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