Cultured Country this week is a personal admission from Sir John of what he's always wanted to be, him and just about every other little boy that grew up when we did that is.

Yes, John Wayne is still king of the cowboys and that's all there is to it. IMHO.

Ok, back to the feature... we're talking some Toby Keith action this week and his huge hit song, 'Should've Been A Cowboy'. So, here 'tis, Sir John with this week's 'Cultured Country'. (Just hit the play button below.)

Just so you can follow along, below is the lyric:
I might of had a sidekick with a funny name
Runnin' wild through the hills chasin' Jesse James
Ending up on the brink of danger
Ridin' shotgun for the Texas Rangers
Go west young man, haven't you been told?
California's full of whiskey, women and gold
Sleepin' out all night beneath the desert stars
With a dream in my eye and a prayer in my heart
I should've been a cowboy
I should've learned to rope and ride
Wearin' my six-shooter, ridin' my pony on a cattle drive
Stealin' the young girls' hearts
Just like Gene and Roy
Singin' those campfire songs
Woah, I should've been a cowboy

"Cultured Country," listen for it Thursday mornings at 7:45 with Jim & Lisa, "The Wakeup Crew," on Kicker 102.5.

Here's the way it sounds when Toby does it...

How It Works:

The premise is simple, country music lovers like us are generally thought of as un-cultured, so to fight this ridiculous notion and bring what we consider a little more refinement to our show, we thought having someone from jolly old England read some country music lyrics, out loud, on the radio might raise the culture bar a notch or two. Since we don't have any access to the Royals and the only Brit we know in the immediate area just happens to be Lisa's husband John, that's the way we went.

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